For those that require the control, isolation, overdubbing, alternative takes, video, and the perfection a studio environment provides, we arrange for the best space and time in our five room studio or with one of our many affiliates.

To determine the best facility, we look at your project in the entirety. What genre, instrumentation, and sound we are going to achieve, all figure in to the studio selection. Red Brick Recording facilities range from two isolated rooms with video feed, to the multi-room treated complex, to one large live room with treatment between each artist to recreate that live feel. These are decisions made on a per project basis.

Utilize Red Brick's main live room, drum room, iso-room for amps / cabinets, and a mic cabinet with over 40 mics, Baldwin grand, Wurlitzer with Leslie, keyboards, synths, guitars, bass, mandolin, too many instruments and toys to list!

Whether the genre is Rock, Jazz, Blues, Gospel or Cabaret, or the project is a CD, VO, ADR, composition, FX, or music placement for film, Red Brick Recording has the tools, the experience, pride and the respect to make sure your project is done right!

For those following such things, the rocket lava lamp is back up and running!

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