Before you step foot in a recording studio, define your goal!

Published 9-08-1012.
Itís important to define the reason for recording. Is it to have a demo to get gigs, attract artist management or shop a song? Or is it to have a finished release to sell after gigs and on the web with hopes of attracting a label? Recording requirements will differ vastly.

Everyone wantsí the best recording possible, but like most things, you get what you pay for. If all you need is a demo, maybe you donít need an ďAĒ rated studio that charges top level prices. In fact, maybe a home recording rig is all thatís needed for tracking. Go to a friendís hobby-project studio (FHPS). Continue reading more about defining your goals.....

Self analysis is key before going to the studio!

Published 9-07-1012.
Record your practice sessions and listen carefully. A cheap portable cassette deck with a built-in microphone will do fine. Portable digital recorders with built in mics are great for dissecting last nightís live show too. Weíre looking for performance and content, not sound quality here.

Often what feels good in practice doesnít hold up when listened to rather than played. Be open to change. Consider a key change or a new arrangement. Perhaps the horn player should sit this song out or play tambourine on this song instead. This is also the time to accept that some material might not be of the same caliber Continue reading more about defining your goals.....

Do you need a producer?

Published 9-06-1012.
Itís said that a man that represents himself in a court of law has a fool for a client. The same can be said of the self produced artist in the studio. This doesnít necessarily hold true if all youíre looking for is a demo CD for club gigs, but if your intent is to have a professional product ready for commercial release, hire a producer.

Whether it is a knowledgeable friend familiar with your music and vision, a professional producer, or the engineer at the studio who will arrange to come to practices, hire a producer! The studio engineer is hearing it for the first time and has no idea what your capabilities are or how the song is supposed to go. (Unless they have attended practices and discussed your project with you.) Youíll want them to know your songs well, Continue reading more about Do you need a producer?....

Strengths and Limitations:

Published 9-05-1012.
Letís first discuss your strengths. These include your artistry, your songs, arrangements, musicianship, and stage presence which combined constitute your war chest.

Now letís look at other things that may be limitations. Knowledge of microphone placement, determining the best edit points for a punch, which FX and processors will best bring out the magic of the song, and why that pedal effect worked fine at the last gig, but not so much now?? These and a myriad of other issues are all factors that contribute to the success or failure of a project.Continue reading more about Strengths and Limitations....

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