August 12

Breaking News! August is still happening!

July 12

The band "Great I Am" recorded a three song demo they were asked to submit to a Cali label. Check out their stuff in the about/projects/rock section.

Vince Willis and Terry Charles worked out some arrangements for some more originals and more covers! I'm starting to think they live here!

June 12

Vince Willis and Terry Charles worked out some arrangements for some more originals and more covers!

Disraeli Villanova mastered four tracks for an artist he is producing in California.

May 12

Vince Willis and Terry Charles worked out some arrangements for some originals and covers!

Rapper "Rock" re-visited Red Brick to shoot the video and stills for his upcoming release "Lil Rock".

April 12

Toshiba, via Product Channels and Talent Management Network Agency recorded some spots for a new product line.

Rapper "Rock" came in to record and mix vocals and overdubs on his track "Lil Rock".

February 12 recorded a suite of commercials for the pending product release! recorded their commercial spot.

January 12

Dave Oswald recorded some amazing originals.

The newly organized .org by Jessica Mann "Empowering Youth Thhrough Travel" recorded the voiceover for their message.

December 11

Nintendo continued work on their demo.

November 11

Red Brick recorded Sami Grisafe live at Club 162

The young rockers Nintendo began work on a demo of originals.

Joyce M.M. Gorman recorded a reference demo of some amazing original songs.

Jon Poppas continued recording originals and overdubbing parts onto his CD.

October 11

Terry Charles continued his ORB. (Occupy Red Brick)

Julie Buck remained busy with demos for various submissions to production companies.

August 11

Young rock balladeers "Through Forevers End" began recording a demo of originals called "One Summer Short".

Terry Charles once again abused his status as producer and partner in Red Brick to commandeer the studio for writing and recording his own originals!

Julie Buck again recorded demos for submission to theatrical productions.

July 11

Rapper "1871" recorded and mixed a couple of tracks for an EP called "Once apon a time".

Red Brick recorded the voice over for a series of Spanish Language Travel Books.

June 11

The lovely and talented Julie Buck recorded a demo for submission to an opera.

We mixed and mastered twelve live multi track acoustic recordings we had recorded at the Salt Creek Wine Bar for Pat Smillie.

May 11

Robin Kay mastered some live recordings we had done for her to submit to labels.

Jon Poppas began recording a full CD of originals.

April 11

We recorded the live performance for later mix to video of Robin Lisnov's fabulous production "Underlying Issues".

February 11

Animal House came in to make a three song demo CD.

March 11

Kelly Fitzgerald returned to add some finishing touches to his tracks.

Courtney Peterson brought in an artist he represents (Ask Poet) to shoot segments for a video they put out. All cameras and no mics. We felt so used!

January 11

Kelly Fitzgerald brought in a band to record the rhythm tracks for a 12 song CD.

Various drug cartels (the legal kind) came in with doctors to record testimonials for later use in presentations.

December 10

As election season was upon us we recorded a number of music beds and voice overs for various candidates.

September-October 10

This time was devoted almost exclusively to Duo Vivanco and Almost A Child Star.

August 10

A Nigerien radio station had us compose and record theme and call sign themes for them.

We kept busy editing down interviews to be aired on IPOP radio. (In Pursuit Of Passion)

We recorded and mixed the original musical sound tracks for a production by Richard Damien called "Almost A Child Star".

July 10

We began recording a stellar duo called "Duo Vivanco" that features Luis Rafael Vivanco on classical guitar and Tami Rizzo on Piano. The CD features 15 classical and TANGO pieces not performed with this instrumentation before. They did all the arrangements!

May 10

Red Brick began tracking and doing sound for Erin McDougald at the Crimson Lounge where she did two shows weekly.

Green Sugar brought us some tracks recorded at the Double Door for mix down.

Recorded mixed and mastered an orignal CD for a group originally from Tanzania, now residing in Iowa! The ten song CD features a 21 person choir and a band called S.F.E.L. The CD is "Umusi Umwe!!!" and is entirely in Swahili.

April 10

March 09

Red Brick Recording is pleased as punch to announce our completely redesigned web site.
This reflects our new business model, is more streamlined, and offers a much more contemporary look! (hey, the old one was pretty bleeding edge in 97!)

Feb 09

Red Brick is mixing to video the recording from Gary Filip's "Inspired" CD release concert in Lake Placid, Florida. This was a four-camera shoot so look for a stunning DVD of this show! More at

Feb 09

Zilah Joslin is mastering her 27 song childrens CD called "Wish!" (Songs I wish I'd known as a child!) (Also recorded and mixed here) to be released soon! (It's a monster hit with my 5 year old, and he hasn't liked anything since Hendrix) More at


Gary Filip invited Red Brick to come to the Little Hills Theater in Lake Placid Florida to record and do sound for his "Inspired" CD release concert. Video cams were there, look for DVD soon! More at

Nov. 08

Montessori Academy of Chicago recorded the primary class choir singing Christmas songs with an international flair! CDs on sale! More at

Oct. 08

Red Brick is pleased to announce it's live music recording and sound reinforcement division. This brings a new dimension to the highly successful studio and location recording company. Here is the flyer!


You can have the sound you want in the club, and in your ears! Finally, you control the mix going to Front of House (FOH), and also have custom blended monitor feeds!

Anywhere! Any time!

� 16 -32 channels (up to 72!)
� Individual Compression-Gate- 7 band EQ and FX available on every channel.
� Custom studio quality monitor feeds (up to 5). The right amount of Reverb-FX-Level, how you want to hear it, for you to perform your best, with just the right amount for the song going to the audience!
� All tracks are recorded dry for later mixdown. Quick turn around for CD s of your best performances to sell at your next gig!

Having all individual tracks recorded dry, including a mic on the audience, lets you decide how polished or raw you want your sound to be.

The time has come. We arrive, one rack, one computer, mics, cables and stands. From there we feed the house PA (or yours) a stereo mix. We also feed your powered monitors, or amps that feed your monitors, as many custom mixes as needed.

Think of it. Your live gig using tools previously only national touring acts could aford, recorded the same way! Best of all your tracking time is already done!

The door is now open for artists to produce commercial quality CDs on a gigging band's budget!

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