You can have the sound you want in the club, and in your ears! Finally, you control the mix going to Front of House (FOH), and also have custom blended monitor feeds!

Anywhere! Any time!
16 -32 channels (up to 72!)
Individual Compression-Gate- 7 band EQ and FX available on every channel.
Custom studio quality monitor feeds (up to 5). The right amount of Reverb-FX-Level, how you want to hear it, for you to perform your best, with just the right amount for the song going to the audience!
All tracks are recorded dry for later mixdown. Quick turn around for CD s of your best performances to sell at your next gig!

Having all individual tracks recorded dry, including a mic on the audience, lets you decide how polished or raw you want your sound to be.

The time has come. We arrive, one rack, one computer, mics, cables and stands. From there we feed the house PA (or yours) a stereo mix. We also feed your powered monitors, or amps that feed your monitors, as many custom mixes as needed.

Think of it. Your live gig using tools previously only national touring acts could aford, recorded the same way! Best of all your tracking time is already done!

The door is now open for artists to produce commercial quality CDs on a gigging band's budget!

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