Bud Johnson

Bud Johnson Writer/Arranger/Engineer

Born in California, (they won't let him back), he began playing piano at 11, studied classical, played in garage bands and ultimately enrolled as a music major at DePaul. Within months he was the token white boy in various blues bands (Lefty Diz, Son Seals, etc.) up and down Lincoln Ave. After a particularly hazy period called the 80's, he discovered recording! His first endevour was a one room recording studio called Loop Sound Recording. After many sonic successes, expansion was necessary. After two years of design and construction, Red Brick Recording opened in 1997. Still writing and arranging, he has evolved into a world class engineer and mixer! Perhaps it was just a love of flashing lights! He's wants Chicago to separate from Illinois and become the 51st state. .

Terry Charles

Terry Charles Producer/Writer/Arranger

Earning a degree in architecture set his music career in stone. During this very hazy nascent period in LA, he claims to have sat-in with the likes of Steve Winwood and Neil Young, among others, eventually evolving into a Grammy-voting member of NARAS.

Somewhere in the middle, he became THE on-call bass/guitar choice of his 300,000 close personal friends and a quick-study stage/session hired gun. (It has been said that he knows all the songs, even the ones not written yet.) He finally settled for being your everyday, FOH/ Location recording, writer/arranger, talent, and producer on a mission to rid the world of bad-sounding things.

He thinks of Illinois, but only when he's in it.

Courtnet Peterson

Courtney(8-trax) Peterson Engineer/Writer/Remixer/Arranger

Educated in sound and film at Columbia college, his field of interests range from making trax that move you, to creating and designing sounds for film and shorts.
Contributions run full circle, from writing tracks to soundman , to gaffer for films. This is the short list: LIT, Oasis, Myron Avnte, "The Butter" video, "The negoiator", and "The Educator" films.

He points to Grant Harbor as proof Chicago is the 3rd coast!

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