About Red Brick Recording

Since 1997, Red Brick Recording has always been unique in what it offers to the creative process! Originally formed with the artist in mind, it has always sought to nurture the performance over the production process. That philosophy has been, and is still, the fundamental reason our clients keep coming back. Whether recording in the studio, or at a live performance, we make the process transparent. Red Brick Recording's total 40+ years of audio engineering background, combined with our philosophy, create the recording experience we have grown famous for; "we get your sound"!

With our recent addition of Live Sound Reinforcement and Recording, we hope to have opened the doors of "A" level studio recording to artists that previously were forced to settle for "B" or "C" level results.

For those that require the control, isolation, overdubbing, alternative takes, video, and the perfection a studio environment provides, we arrange for the best space and time in our five room studio or with one of our many affiliates. Whether the genre is Rock, Jazz, Blues, Gospel or Cabaret, or the project is a CD, VO, ADR, composition, FX, or music placement for film, Red Brick Recording has the tools, the experience, and the respect to make sure your project is done right!

Please see our "services" section for more detailed information about the services we provide.

We are proud to have served Chicagoland since 1997!

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