Chicago Recording Studio established in 1997.

Red Brick Recording has been privileged to serve Chicago's music, sound, and media industries. Our complete services are always available to bands, artists, labels, venues, ad agencies, event, production, marketing and publishing companies.

Services include Recording, Editing and Mastering in the Studio, Live Sound Recording and Reinforcement, Composition for Media. (film-video-games-et-al) Foley, FX, VO, and location recording.

Utilize Red Brick's main live room, drum room, iso-room for amps / cabinets, and a mic cabinet with over 40 mics, Baldwin grand, Wurlitzer with Leslie, keyboards, synths, guitars, bass, mandolin, too many instruments and toys to list! .

Red Brick provides Foley, FX, VO, and dialogue recording, as well as original sound bed, music scoring, and music placement services. Our expertise includes Artists, Cartoons, Tv -radio spots, Feature films, Video animations, Plays, Interactive multimedia, and Live Broadcast Productions.

Red Brick's five room music and sound recording and production facility and our three remote affiliate facilities, in-house writers, arrangers, producers, and a network of on-call talent are at your disposal!

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